Bethany Nowviskie

Minor Arcana

For storing silliness. De gustibus non disputandum.

About the falling letters on the main page:

They used to tumble, not just fall in a random sequence and at random depths in your field of view. I made the first version in Flash, ca. 1998, and it ran without incident for 17 years, which is not bad, as far as Web stuff goes. My favorite feature was a little green off-switch with a Falstaffian protest against being “scoured to nothing with perpetual motion.” I didn’t stack the deck by including extra vowels or weighting other frequencies, which meant that coherent words rarely tumbled down the screen; hence, the longer the word, the luckier you were.

In the old system, I once saw “dystopic” and “Berlin.” Brendan reported: “Sexy Button! It’s a Fib.”  And a hungry Chad claimed to have been tempted with “Garlic Naan.”

Eventually, Wayne Graham started getting on my case about the Flash, and in 2015 I ultimately gave in, and started using the replacement letters he made me as a lovely, pestering gift a couple of years before. Thanks, Wayne! PS: still here.

Let me know if you have an anagrammatic experience.

Creative Commons License This site uses a heavily modified version of Bryan Helmig's Magatheme. Work at by Bethany Nowviskie is always CC-BY. Want to know why? The falling letters are by Wayne Graham. He kindly made them to replace a set I designed in Flash in the late 1990s and had in place for more than 17 years. Not a bad run! Ave atque vale.