Bethany Nowviskie

the lamia box

Those in the know can find a John Keats performance piece in LambdaMOO, well south of the main house, under some bramble in the “Ruined Vineyard.” In fact, everything directly south of “A Meeting of the Ways” is mine. This includes the vineyard, “Chatterton’s Folly” (with its morphing books and time-sensitive lighting), an “Inexplicable Meadow” (with a lovely conveyance you’re welcome to borrow), and a puzzle or two that may lead you to a hidden well, or a pool of mysterious ink.

Most of what I built has eroded over time, but the Keats box (an instance of an object I called “Generic Performance Art”) is an example of my goofy experimentation with programming for text-based virtual reality in the mid- to late-1990s. Some version of me sleeps there, more or less permanently. I keep it all alive for sentimental reasons.

Creative Commons License This site uses a heavily modified version of Bryan Helmig's Magatheme. Work at by Bethany Nowviskie is always CC-BY. Want to know why? The falling letters are by Wayne Graham. He kindly made them to replace a set I designed in Flash in the late 1990s and had in place for more than 17 years. Not a bad run! Ave atque vale.