I  hold a master’s degree in Education from Wake Forest University and a PhD in English from the University of Virginia, where I taught undergraduate courses in English and Media Studies from 1997 to 2003. 

My primary teaching and advising happens now as the founder of the Scholars’ Lab’s Praxis Program, which welcomes a cohort of six interdisciplinary graduate students per year, to learn digital humanities skills and methods by collaboratively building an interpretive digital project. I also teach an annual summer course on “Digitizing the Historical Record” with Andy Stauffer at UVa’s Rare Book School. I advise and frequently serve on dissertation committees for Scholars’ Lab Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities, and have designed and run training workshops in the digital humanities for faculty and graduate student audiences in the US, UK, and Canada.

Past courses at the University of Virginia include:

  • MDST 345: Game Design Workshop (combining theory with project-based charrettes)
  • MDST 344: Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Games
  • MDST 352: Material Textuality and the History of the Book (organized and run as a bibliographical mystery game called Biblioludica and sponsored in part by a grant from the Delmas Foundation)
  • ENLT 255: The Text and the Book (theory and practicum course on bibliography and textual criticsm)
  • ENWR 110: Accelerated Intro to Academic Writing: Richard III
  • ENWR 110: Accelerated Intro to Academic Writing: Jack the Ripper
  • ENLT 201M: Introduction to Literary Study (a pre-requisite for majors)
  • ENWR 101: Intro to Academic Writing: Virtual Realities
  • ENSP 106: Public Speaking