Bethany Nowviskie directs the Digital Library Federation (DLF) at the Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR), and is a research associate professor of Digital Humanities in the Department of English at the University of Virginia. picture of Bethany NowviskieAmong other projects at CLIR/DLF, she is currently collaborating with international partners on the Digital Library of the Middle East, and with leadership of the HBCU Library Alliance on opportunities for digital library staff from historically black colleges and universities. (DLF is also host of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance and code4lib, as well as the home of vibrant working groups and events.)

While at the University of Virginia Library (2007-2015), Nowviskie was the founding director of the Scholars’ Lab and Department of Digital Research & Scholarship, and additionally served as Special Advisor to the Provost for the advancement of the digital humanities at UVa. Nowviskie was formerly a Distinguished Presidential Fellow at CLIR, President of the Association for Computers and the Humanities, a member of ADHO‘s international Steering Committee and chair of its Conference Coordinating Committee, and chair of both the UVa General Faculty Council and the Modern Language Association‘s Committee on Information Technology. She holds a doctorate in English from the University of Virginia and a master’s degree in Education from Wake Forest University, and has taught numerous courses in Literature and Media Studies at UVa, including on video game design and aesthetics, writing, and textual criticism. She remains a member of the faculty of UVa’s Rare Book School. Nowviskie’s past projects include: Neatline, the Praxis Program (for interdisciplinary, project-based learning) and Praxis Network, Speaking in Code#Alt-Academy, the Scholarly Communication Institute, NINES, Juxta, and the Rossetti Archive.

In 2013, she was named one of “Ten Tech Innovators” by the Chronicle of Higher Education, which pretty much summed it up: “Bethany Nowviskie likes to build things.

Read a more recent interview with the LA Review of Books, here.

Short bio, for use in print and online:

Dr. Bethany Nowviskie directs the Digital Library Federation (DLF), an international consortium of some 190 libraries, archives, museums, and institutions of higher education dedicated to the creative design and wise application of information and cultural heritage technology for the common good. She is also Research Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at the University of Virginia, where she formerly served as founding director of the Scholars’ Lab, director of the UVa Library’s department of digital research and scholarship, and special advisor to the Provost for the advancement of digital humanities. A past Distinguished Presidential Fellow at CLIR, president of the Association for Computers and the Humanities, and chair of the Modern Language Association’s committee on information technology, Nowviskie received her Ph.D. in Literature from the University of Virginia in 2004. She writes on liberatory and speculative digital library design, at

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